EarlyResponse is a Centralized Code and Reporting Management System that integrates various manufacturers’ equipment into a seamless notification and reporting system for long-term care institutions and hospitals. Accurate reporting has become an increasingly critical task for long-term care facilities and hospitals. The demand for documentation will only increase as national healthcare policies are implemented in the months ahead.  The challenge becomes greater when integrating multiple systems from a variety of solution providers.

The product is compatible with many nurse call, wander prevention and personal emergency response systems with proven performance in over 500 long-term care facilities and hospitals.

Centralized Code Blue System optimizes response times. Every second is critical in the moments after a “Code Blue” alarm is activated. It is essential that members of a “Code Blue Crash Team” can be quickly assembled, regardless of their locations for immediate response. With added features including pocket paging, wireless phones and overhead PA announcements, hospitals and acute care facilities can further automate critical communications to ensure optimal response times.

Multiple Benefits

  • Provides staff with total mobility
  • All activity is contained in a common log
  • Simple to operate – easy to learn
  • Offers full scalability for old or new systems
  • Trusted one-stop SymTech installation, service and support

Integrates a Wide Spectrum of Systems

Because EarlyResponse encompasses all your critical monitored systems – door and window security, alarm systems, nurse call, wander and infant protection, personal emergency response, even paging, email, wireless phones and radio – your facility is monitored and safeguarded for excellence in patient safety and security.

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