Trips to large hospitals and medical centers can be stressful for those seeking medical help and for individuals visiting friends and relatives.  From finding a space in the parking garage to choosing the right building to locating the appropriate elevator, unit or room, visitors can get lost in corridors that tend to look alike.

SymTech’s integrated wayfinding solution, engineered by Logic Junction, helps supports a hospital’s efforts in delivering an improved hospital visit and patient experience.  These tools provide precise-easy-to-follow direction from your visitor’s choice of starting locations – including pre-planning a visit from home to step-by-step directions inside your facility.

From home:

Using a home computer, your visitors can log on to the systems and print a comprehensive set of directions – from driving directions (including up to the minute traffic reports) to hospital parking and inside-the-facility guidance.

Inside the parking facility and the hospital:

Visitors can choose to access a multi-lingual intuitive kiosk – or – ask for staff assistance since the system is integrated into all hospital desktop computers.   The large (42”) touch-screen kiosks provide clear step-by-step directions and a map that can be printed on site, emailed or sent directly to the visitor’s mobile device.

The system also features powerful reporting tools that will monitor traffic patterns, usage trends and help your staff identify areas where additional wayfinding resources might be required.

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