Improving Response Time at Heritage Towers

Located in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, Heritage Towers has provided comprehensive care for 17 years. The facility includes a 60-bed skilled nursing center for short and long-term patients. An affiliate of the respected Wesley Enhanced Living community, Heritage Towers provides a high level of care through personal attention and the latest medical technologies. With 52 staff members working in this environment, clear and efficient staff communication is critical.

The facility had been using an outdated emergency call system and decided to upgrade their current system. Symtech Solutions was performing a demo at another Wesley facility, so Heritage decided to sit in. Their decision makers were so impressed by Symtech’s demo of the Jeron Provider 680 nurse call platform that a decision was ultimately made to install the system at the Doylestown location.

In addition to nurse call, SymTech installed AccuNurse®, a voice-activated, hands-free documentation and communication system. A product of Vocollect Healthcare Systems, AccuNurse uses voice recognition to allow caregivers to document resident information and communicate with one another efficiently. Jeron’s Provider and AccuNurse represent a multi-faceted system that streamlines communication among residents, caregivers, administrators and other staff members involved in the day-to-day care of the residents.

How the system works

The integrated systems allow a resident to place a call by pressing the nurse call button. Provider 680 routes the request to the AccuNurse headset. The assigned caregiver hears an audible prompt through the headset, alerting him or her that a resident needs assistance. Caregivers have access to a wealth of information about the resident through the AccuNurse system, such as specific care instructions and information about medication. As the caregiver tends to the resident, he or she can page others with questions or request additional assistance.

Workflow is also enhanced at Heritage Towers through automatic routing of calls. If a call comes through and a caregiver is busy, the nurse call system routes the call to the nurses’ station so that the call can be reassigned to another caregiver who is available to respond. Since the headset is hands-free, the caregiver is able to record resident information while providing care. Recorded information about the resident is then available to anyone who cares for the patient in the future, giving access to personal information or care instructions. The ability to multitask results in a higher level of personal attention.

EIS Software monitors response time

Part of the Provider 680 installation included EIS software, an advanced reporting tool that tracks and records call response time to ensure that all calls are being answered on within a specified timeframe – for Heritage Towers, within five minutes. Administrators can generate customized reports detailing response time, allowing them to monitor hundreds of daily calls and related staff performance. The reports can also be used to reassure family members that their loved ones are being cared for in a timely manner.

A prime example of an assisted living facility utilizing SymTech’s cutting edge technology, Heritage Towers is able to maintain a higher level of efficiency through effective communication. Staff members are well connected and fully informed about every resident through the AccuNurse system. Response time and workflow are closely monitored through Jeron’s EIS software. Most important of all, residents receive prompt, personalized care that is made possible through a comprehensive communication system.