More and more hospitals are taking advantage of a new technology often referred to as RTLS (Real Time Locating System). It’s used to locate medical devices for clinical procedures as well as tracking the location of patients and staff. All of these applications are designed to improve hospital efficiency, decrease costs, and ideally improve patient safety.

The Patient VISion™ healthcare management solution offered by SymTech combines customizable software with the Versus Information System (VIS™) active RFID-IR locating platform. Using a network of badges and tags, Patient VISion streamlines the flow of patients and resources through your department, unit or facility and pinpoints location information in real time at the glance of a monitor.

At the heart of Patient VISion is the Patient Flow Manager™ that provides customizable viewing grids (such as the eGreaseboard) displaying data collected from the VIS hardware network as well as input from third party information systems.

Locate Staff Members

Small, lightweight badges provide the means to locate people (staff, patients, visitors) with VIS. Assigned to individuals or shared across shifts, VIS badges emit signals containing a unique identification code. As an individual moves within the facility wearing a badge, VIS identifies his or her location. By pressing the call/alert button on the Personnel Alert Badge, patients and caregivers can summon assistance or initiate and event/action.

Locate Patients

Highly customizable view client displaying real-time patient locations and electronic “greaseboard” that automatically updates status information

Patient Flow Manager is the primary viewing client for Patient VISion software packages.  Patient Flow Manager provides customizable grids which display VIS data as well as HL7 input from various third party systems.

Floorplan View is a living blueprint of people and equipment locations within a facility.  Generated from a CAD drawing representative of your facility, Floorplan View features icons that represent people and equipment, automatically updating the view as movement occurs.

Locate Equipment

Tracking assets helps streamline preventive maintenance procedures and reduces equipment rental and lease costs.  Affixed to portable assets or charts, the Asset Tag emits signals containing each tag’s unique identification code. As a “tagged” piece of equipment moves within the facility, SymTech identifies its location. From locating patient charts to IV pumps and bariatric wheelchairs, the Asset Tag takes the guesswork out of locating equipment.

  • Locate portable equipment easily for use or preventive maintenance
  • Eliminate time-intensive searches and “lost” equipment
  • Reduce equipment time to patient
  • Improve utilization of existing inventory
  • Reduce lease and rental costs
  • Minimize loss and shrinkage
  • Use as a stand-alone tracking system or integrate SymTech location data into your existing asset management software system

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