Jefferson University Hospitals:
Adapting to the Needs of an Academic Medical Center

Recognized by US News and World Report for the past 17 years as one of “America’s Best Hospitals” for a number of specialties, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital is a highly acclaimed academic medical center. Located in downtown Philadelphia, TJU sees more than 43,000 admissions annually and employs nearly 5,000 staff members.

Project background

TJU earned its reputation for excellence through a commitment to delivering a higher level of patient care . An integral aspect of upholding these standards is maintaining strong communication among staff members and patients. When TJU determined that their nurse call system was becoming outdated, they began to investigate replacement options.

Prerequisites included a solution that would provide simple and effective communication for their large staff and 925 acute care beds, as well as a system flexible enough to anticipate future needs. SymTech Solutions arranged a demonstration of the Jeron Provider 680 system and TJU staff saw many features and benefits that the competition didn’t offer.

Flexible nurse console options

TJU’s landscape is shaped by its wide scope of services, making it necessary to have a nurse call system that is versatile and adaptable to its environment. Jeron’s offering of five different Nurse Consoles gave TJU the opportunity to choose the suitable Console for a particular area.

Traditionally, a PC or server is required for a Nurse Console to function, adding cost to the installation. However, Provider touch screens operate without PC, eliminating the additional cost, hassle and vulnerability to computer viruses. A mix of the robust Touch screen-IP and the more economical Satellite Masters were ultimately selected and implemented throughout the facility.

Remote cancel stations

In addition to the Nurse Consoles, TJU was impressed by the timesaving properties of Provider’s remote cancel switches. The switches enable caregivers to cancel a call from the perimeter of the unit, without having to
cross the room and lean over the patient. Routine calls such as a request for water can be canceled at the door, saving the caregiver time.

Intelligent networking

The vastness of the hospital demanded a sophisticated solution that would link the entire facility to a common network. Through the Provider system, TJU was able to centralize their Code Blue system, making it possible for
a Code Blue team to assemble from various locations.

Reduced labor costs

As a large hospital, it was critical to factor in not only functionality but also the logistics of the installation. In certain areas of the facility, installers were able to reuse the existing cabling, saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in labor. This also meant that the work was minimally intrusive and completed in a shorter period of time. With the assistance of SymTech, TJU was also able to utilize in-house service personnel, avoiding outsourced labor.

Future integrations

Another decisive factor for TJU was long-term application of the system. Beyond its standard capabilities, the facility wanted the ability to be able to integrate in the future with auxiliary options such as: wireless phones, the Vocera Communications System that enables instant mobile communication, and AccuNurse, a voice-activated, hands-free documentation and communication system.


SymTech proven to be a reliable and responsive service provider that TJU has grown to trust over the past decade or more of their business relationship. They know that SymTech will identify the best solution for achieving their goals and Provider’s 5-year warranty afforded the facility an additional measure of confidence.